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Simple Ways To Lose Weight Effectively – And Keep It Off

We all want to look better, and sometimes it means we have to follow a few weight loss tips. Whether you need to lose a lot of weight, or just shed a few pounds this article will provide a little help to get started.

If you are still wondering how to lose weight quickly, remember it is a combination of science and art.

Weight loss tips about food.

Have a balanced diet. “Balanced” means that you have to make sure all the macronutrients are included, and from as many different sources as possible. Carbohydrates from cereals and fruit and vegetables, proteins from dairy, eggs, meat, and seafood, fat from olive oil, and dry fruits.

Plan to have 5 meals per day, three would be the main ones plus two snacks. Remember snacks are not an excuse to eat chips or sweets. The aim of eating regularly is to keep glycemic index and hunger under control. Besides, if you starve yourself until dinner when it’s time to eat you will eat more than you actually need. Eat more often and you will eat less.

3 A very straightforward grandma’s tip: eat a lot of fruit, vegetables, and fibers.

Weight loss tips about exercise

4 If you work out regularly (and if you don’t, you should), the best time to eat carbohydrates (better complex than simple) is about one hour after the exercise. In this way it will be easier for our body to use carbohydrates to replenish the low energy level.

5 If you decided you need a diet, chances are you will have to eat food you don’t normally eat. Remember that what we take as taste is often a matter habit. Give the new food a try, the taste can be educated and changed.

6 Working out in the morning, when levels of sugar is low, makes it easier for the body get energy from fat. In order to prolong this type of metabolism, the best thing would be to wait for one hour before eating.

Additional weight loss tips

7 Drink a lot water, especially between meals

8 If you don’t do it already, brush your teeth immediately after every meal. You will feel less inclined to eat more once your mouth is all fresh and minty.