About Us

We are a full service laboratory offering a wide range of restorative options to our doctors. We have been serving the dental community for the past 80 years, with a focus mainly on removable appliances.

In 1993, under new ownership, our laboratory has made tremendous advancements in education, facility and technology to bring our doctors to the highest quality of Fixed and Implant options.

We are now positioned among a small group of elite dental laboratories with our main focus on high quality Fixed and Implant options, while still offering removable appliances. A laboratory is only as good as its technicians, office and drive staff.  The technician’s at Inter are experienced and take pride in every restoration they do.  Inter is not a high production laboratory, thus the technicians have no quotas they need to meet, nor are they paid by piece.

This allows them the time it takes to produce a high quality, aesthetically pleasing restoration.  The result; your chair time is minimal and your patients leave extremely happy telling everyone they know how wonderful their experience was at your office.

Our office and drive staff works hard to get you your cases when you need them – emergencies and all.  We are continually researching speakers for your continuing education on new techniques, products and procedures.

Along with the added value services Inter gives to all of it’s clients at no additional cost, the quality is compromised and the service impeccable.

The Owner

Mark Bronstein, CDT, Owner, started as a technician in 1988.  After realizing that college was not an option for him, he took an apprenticeship in a small lab learning the trade.  Mark worked from 6:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. with no wages, and then from 3:00 p.m. to midnight he worked at a foundry.

In 1989, Mark received his first position as a DENTAL TECHNICIAN making $6.00 per hour.  He then worked at a few more labs doing dentures, partials and eventually crown and bride.  In 1993 Mark opened Dental Images, Inc., a small 2 technician lab.  In 1994, Mark purchased Inter Limens, a 25 technician lab and a family owned business.  We pride ourselves in being high-end, high-quality and not high production.

Experience the Excellence of Inter Limens Laboratories, Inc.Feel like you have an IN-HOUSE lab and experience the EXCELLENCE.