Some Fragrant Ways to Cook Rice

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Some Fragrant Ways to Cook Rice

Cooking rice is somehow perceived to be an Eastern thing. You have it in your kitchen, but it’s always at the back of the farthest shelf; when you actually get down to cooking rice, it gets pushed to the back of the plate. It doesn’t have to be that way though. Aromatic basmati can fill your kitchen and sometimes a whole street with an aroma that’s irresistible. For recipes that will really shine up your culinary reputation, here is a sophisticated way to start. But be warned, this one can be a really great way to get your children hooked on vegetarianism.

Let’s call this the spinach and Swiss chard basmati. This is a great way to start cooking rice for children, because it tastes and smells almost as good even when it’s cold in the lunch box. Here is what you will need :

A pound of Swiss chard, and half as much spinach. You’ll need a bit of extra virgin olive oil, an onion, three eggs, thyme, Rosemary, garlic, Gruyère cheese, and of course, you’ll need a cup of brown basmati rice. We begin by getting the rice ready. If you have a rice cooker, cooking rice becomes really easy. If you don’t, you could just steam it in boiling water.

Start with the Swiss chard. Cut off the stems, and strip out all the leaves. These leaves are what you will need. Put a large pot of water on the stove, put in say, a tablespoon full … Read the rest

23 Apr

Simple Ways To Lose Weight Effectively – And Keep It Off

We all want to look better and sometimes it means we have to follows a few weight loss tips. Whether you need to lose a lot of weight, or just shed a few pounds this article will provide a little help to get started.

If you are still wondering how to lose weight quickly, remember it is a combination of science and art.

Weight loss tips about food.

1 Have a balanced diet. “Balanced” means that the you have to make sure all the macronutrients are included, and from as many different sources as possible. Carbohydrates from cereals and fruit and vegetables, proteins from dairy, eggs, meat and seafood, fat from olive oil and dry fruits.

2 Plan to have 5 meals per day, three would be the main ones plus two snacks. Remember snacks are not an excuse to eat chips or sweets. The aim of eating regularly is to keep glycemic index and hunger under control. Besides, if you starve yourself until dinner, when it’s time to eat you will eat more than you actually need. Eat more often and you will eat less.

3 A very straightforward grandma’s tip: eat a lot of fruit, vegetables and fibers.

Weight loss tips about exercise

4 If you workout regularly (and if you don’t, you should), the best time to eat carbohydrates (better complex than simple) is about one hour after the exercise. In this way it will be easier for our body to use carbohydrates to replenish the low … Read the rest

13 Apr

Supercharge Your Body With The Bulletproof Diet

Supercharge your body.  Upgrade your brain.  Be bulletproof.  Have you heard the claims of Dave Asprey, computer security expert, Silicon valley investor, and entrepreneur?  Asprey has spent the last fifteen years experimenting with diet, and has lost over 100 pounds.

The Bulletproof diet is the result of biohacking, which he defines as system thinking, science, biology, and self experimentation to upgrade your body, a process of becoming superhuman.  Become Bulletproof.  Achieve a state of high performance, resilience, and vibrant health.  The goal is to have your body, mind, and life work together for optimum performance.

Asprey feels he has been transformed into a better entrepreneur, a better husband, and a better father through his techniques, and is sharing them.  Dieters can benefit from his research and experimentation, rather than complete the entire process by themselves.

Asprey has utilized the knowledge of more than 120 doctors, biochemists, nutritionists, and meditation experts to develop his lifestyle plan.  He personally lost over 100 pounds, increased his IQ by 20 points, and lowered his biological age.  The Bulletproof diet is available for you to follow, and perhaps achieve similar successes.

The Bulletproof diet focuses on foods that give you better nutrition, rather than traditional diets that focus on less food.  Traditional diets often result in weakness, moodiness, lowered energy, and losses to the immune system.  The Bulletproof diet identifies foods that keep you energized, stronger, and even make you smarter.

The Bulletproof diet is based on eating 50 – 60 percent of calories from … Read the rest

4 Apr

Vaporizers Are Helping People To Kick The Habit

In case you are a smoker, you may want to have a second thought, and think about the well being of your lungs. Smoking is the deadliest and most costly behavior in the world, and although cigarette smoking has declined barely over the past century, it nonetheless causes 87% of Lung Cancer Deaths within the United States alone. The statistics are simply alarming.

If you did not already know, the addictive substance in tobacco is Nicotine. Nicotine is among the most addictive substances know to man. With out it, Cigarettes would not have the choke maintain they’ve on us right this moment, nor would there be any benefit to smoking them either. Also, let or not it’s know that Tobacco smoke accommodates over 4,000 chemical substances, 50 of that are know carcinogens.

Quitting smoking is just not easy. First you want to break that physical connection your brain has with a cigarette between your fingers. Second it’s worthwhile to ease the dependency you have on nicotine. Third, and this is a crucial one, you’ll need to interrupt the habit of smoking whereas driving.

There’s simply something about getting in a car and lighting a cigarette eh? WELL STOP IT! That is probably the worst factor you are able to do for yourself and the others in the automobile with you. I do know this one is hard, but it surely has to be done.

What if there was a technique to extract the nicotine you crave from tobacco, without getting … Read the rest

13 Jul

Caring Families Help Each Other

A lot of people might not realize it, but taking care of your mental health can take a lot of
focus and practice. The human mind can be helped in various ways, but the work that it
takes to keep yourself focused is ongoing. If you’re an adult in a household with
children, you are familiar with how your habits can rub off on young people. A parent
should take the lead in healthy behaviors and be sure to give children the tools to deal
with depression, and stress. If you’ve been looking for ideas, this article by Allan from Scotland CBD will be covering
some tops on how to practice self-care as a family.

Take Walks Together

Any kind of physical activity is a good thing, but when you have your family with you, it’s
probably good to do an activity that everyone can join in with. Walking is easy, because
even young babies can do it, so that makes it a great choice for the family. Family walks
are a great time to teach, and learn new things. Children also get the chance to learn
from your example because children who exercise with their parents are more likely to
work out as they get older.

Discuss Ways to Have Fun

Some conversations should be used as a chance to engage everyone in the family, and
discussions about future fun time prospects are a great time to include the littlest ones.
Getting together and making decisions about trips and … Read the rest

26 Mar

Do-It-Yourself Motorhomes or RVs

Did you know converting your very own vehicles with little cost can be possible with stripping down your old or current vehicles and renovating them to a motor home or recreational vehicle? For so many people, buying a new recreational vehicle is a dream come true because the price tags hat go with each kind of RV is just way too high, high enough to make you fall flat in the face out of disappointment.

Buying A New Recreational Vehicle: Is It Worth It?

Imagine spending around $70,000 to $125,000 for either a purely motor home or a mixture of a small trailer with a truck to do the pulling. Of course, buying a second-hand RV is not a wise thing to do as there are the unknown possibilities of breakdowns which is a No-No for RV travelers. Picture how it will be like to be traveling to an unfamiliar place only for your RV to break down. That would be the most disappointing thing a recreational vehicle can ever do to a traveler.

Also, there is the subject of fuel savings. It will be more economical to do a recreational vehicle yourself where you can dictate what kind of fuel you can use. Like some people who have already started using biodiesel or vegetable oil on their recreational vehicles, not just to save on money or costs on gasoline, but most especially to help protect he environment.

Converting Your Current Vehicle To An RV You Want

If you have … Read the rest

25 Mar

A Little Unknown Secret About Organic Gardening

The greatest little secret about Organic Gardening is that it’s no different than regular gardening. You heard right! There just ain’t any difference, well only a slight difference. The fact is you still need to plan your garden and then work the plan, regardless of whether you are planting a regular garden or doing it the organic way. The information in this article, kindly supplied by one of the leading landscape gardeners in Aberdeen, Barmekin Groundcare will show you a few of the similarities and differences between the two.

It’s important for you to understand that a proper plan is necessary to have a successful garden. When you talk with “veteran gardeners” one of the first things they will tell you is “too plan your garden.” As an example of a planned garden, the first step of a planned garden would be the location of the garden and the size. The second step would be determing the type of garden; trees, vegetable, flowers, fruit, bushes or a mixture of all of the above.

Once the above decisions have been made a determination should be made as to the spacing of the rows and which plants or veggies are compatible with each other. The importance of this step can’t be stressed enough, nor is it any less important in either regular gardening or in organic gardening.

The reason for this is some plants require more nutrients, sunshine or even more water to help them flourish. Failure to have compatible plants … Read the rest

16 Mar

How To Clean Diecast Model Cars

In this article, I will be covering how to clean scale diecast model cars. These are the methods that I’ve been using for several years now, and I’ve found them to be very successful. You’ve just got to put in some time & effort and you have to be a detailed person so, without further ado, these are the supplies that I will be using but, of course, its worth noting that the supplies are different for every car;

  • a toothpick to get into the small nooks and crannies.
  • a standard margarine container with water in it – that’s just regular water. I prefer warm water because it comes off the paint a lot easier and there’s less chance of you scratching the car.
  • a specialist cleaner (only use these under certain circumstances). I would never ever wash the car with this stuff, so do not get this mixed up with the water. That could be very, very bad so only use this if there’s a a factory defect, a little dark mark on the paint it will take that off for example, but definitely be very careful because in most cases it will damage plastic.
  • Car wax. That’s right the same stuff you use on your real car – I prefer Turtle Wax Carnuba Car wax that I use on my own car, and it also works on models to get off that manufacturing film that you get on some cars especially some of the higher end ones
Read the rest
17 Oct

Healthy Seafood Salad Recipes

Many of us are all too aware that we must improve our diet and become healthy eaters. Seafood Salad recipes can be a part of that commitment. Not only do they promise low calories, low fat, and lots of vitamins, but they are very tasty too. These dishes can impress at a dinner party or there are quick versions for a healthy lunch or snack. Quality ingredients are what counts, and that means fresh fish and salad, preferably bought the same day as preparation. Canned fish can also be used or ready made salads, if time is short.

Salad does not have to be boring! Add squid rings, mussels and prawns to lettuce, chopped red onion, and chopped tomatoes, topped off with a tangy sauce. The sauce contains oyster sauce, olive oil, brown sugar, sweet chili sauce, and the juice of a lime. Recipes for Seafood Salad can be Thai style with Thai fish sauce, cucumber, celery, spring onions, and lettuce. The fish can be a combination of squid, prawns and monkfish, spiced up with lemon grass, ginger, garlic, coriander, and lime.

The great thing about the fruits of the sea is that there is something for everyone and lots of different ways of presenting it. Nothing beats going down to the local fish market early in the morning to get the best of the catch. Shrimps, calamari, mussels, and octopus are the ingredients to go with cherry tomatoes, celery, green beans, peppers, the juice of an orange, the juice … Read the rest

Reasons You Need To Watch your Fat Intake

There’s a lot of debate over fat. Good fats, bad fats, how much fat you should consume. And there’s a myriad of foods that proudly display Fat Free on the label. People eat these thinking they are a better solution. The thing is, if you went on a completely fat free diet and did not consume any fats at all, your health would take a nosedive and you would be severely malnourished. The problem is not fats, it’s the type of fats you consume. The amount of fat you consume also has repercussions. However, if you’re eating healthy fats, chances are you’ll feel more satisfied and stay full longer and not overeat.

Too often, when people look at food labels, they look at the amount of fat as a whole and never bother to break it down into whether it’s good fats or bad fats. Nuts contain a lot of fat, as do avocados, but those are good fats. Your body needs good fats. Good fats help keep cholesterol from building up and keeps your heart healthy.

You should avoid trans fats and saturated fats as much as you possibly can.

There are two main types of fat: saturated and unsaturated. Under those two main types there are other types. The good fats are the unsaturated ones. Under those are the polyunsaturated and the monounstaturated. When these are eaten in moderation, they can help lower cholesterol, reduce the risk of heart disease, and keep your body healthy. These include Read the rest